Time, Duration and Eternity in Spinoza

Translated by Eric Aldieri

Offers a detailed analysis of time, duration, and eternity from the early Spinoza to its eventual shape in the Ethics and Theologico-Political Treatise

Constitutes the first book-length study by one of the world’s leading Spinoza scholars

Offers a systematic reading of key Spinozist concepts concerning time and eternity

Reads the concepts of time and duration positively and affirmatively in their relation to God and eternity

Closely tracks the emergence and movement of these concepts throughout Spinoza’s work

First published in 1997, and subsequently revised and reissued in 2015, Chantal Jaquet's Sub specie aeternitatis : étude des concepts de temps, durée et éternité chez Spinoza is the book-version of Jaquet's doctoral thesis, and the first of her now five book-length publications on Spinoza. With Spinoza, Jaquet asks how it is possible for human beings, as finite modes of existence, to share in God's eternity, as well as how human existence relates to the eternity of God, or Nature.